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Check out our video above which explains our bold movie intentions.  We are a team of filmmakers dedicated to telling entertaining stories about truthful and difficult human experiences.  We are competing for space in a cinematic world overrun with super heroes and supernatural horror.  We hope this crowd-funding campaign will launch our best chances of getting a shot at the big screen.  With your help, we can create a truly remarkable and original film that aims to help people find the humor and hope amid difficult times.  Laughter can heal and we hope that bringing this film to life can bond those who suffer heartbreak, loss, and other turbulence in life by having a film to enjoy and relate with.                         ... [READ MORE...]            

Our official crowdfunding effort has ended but If you would still like to donate, we will honor you with our [Kickstarter Perks - link]

Donations can be made via PAYPAL with the email: randomchaosmovie@gmail.com

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Francis Corby is originally from Nashville, Tennessee, and has been working in L.A. for the past three years.  He had principle roles in two Super Bowl commercials, appeared on FX's 'You're the Worst,' and landed in a Funny or Die sketch. When he has free time, which he doesn't because he's SOOOO busy, he loves to sling drinks at a local craft beer bar where he's takin' a liking to the hoppy style I.P.A.'s of the west coast.  Francis also dabbles in the art of music with his banjo on his knee.

Katie Wilbert is a Los Angeles-based actress/ writer/ comedian/ producer.  She is a Second City Alumni, and performs at the Groundlings Theatre in LA. She writes/produces/stars in her own creative content with her production company Happy Wife, INC.  She won the Women in Filmmaking award for her work on her comedic web series, "Terrible HR" and also received Best Supporting Actress for her work with her musical comedy duo "JK Comedy."  Katie is also a talented singer-songwriter, and wrote a one-woman ninja musical which was picked up by the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2013, and was a Fringe Top Pick by Whatsonstage.com.  Katie can be seen performing stand up comedy around LA, and has been selected as a featured funny lady by Elizabeth Banks on her female comedy site, whohaha.com.

Kimberley Crossman is a kiwi actress, author, and presenter.  Given her wide array of talents and fearlessness that knows no bounds, she is now taking on the American entertainment industry.  Her main passion is comedy and is currently starring in E!'s first scripted comedy series Hashtaggers. Kimberley owns a tarantula and lives with her best friend and writing partner Katie Wilbert.  The two have coined the term 'heterosexual life partners' as their co-dependent friendship is probably the reason neither of them have success in their love lives.

Maggie Mae Fish is an actress and comedian from Chicago. She's appeared in the award winning drama "Sand Castles" (2014) and performs on the iO Theatre, UCB, and Comedy Store stages.  Maggie is also a writer and comedian for Cracked.com's sketch comedy department, and hopes to one day own a lizard.  She likes to keep herself entertained by creating content for her YouTube channel (4k subscribers) and tweet jokes throughout the day on Twitter (30k). Maggie also lends her talents to Channel Frederator, and would rather be a cartoon if given a choice.

Zach Dulin was raised in the small rural farming community of Hatch, New Mexico, Zach moved out of the country life up to Albuquerque to study Video Game Design and Media Arts at the University of New Mexico.  After stumbling onto his first background acting gig as a police officer in Frank Miller's "The Spirit," he decided to give acting a shot and hasn't looked back since; working on numerous award-winning short films, feature films, viral videos, and web-series, including Enter the Dojo, which has over 170,000 subscribers and 26 million channel views.  He has since moved out to Los Angeles where he graduated from both Second City Hollywood and iO West where he improvises regularly.  In his spare time he enjoys salsa dancing, lap swimming, cooking spicy ethnic foods and having overly-intellectual discussions about Chris Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy.

Writer & Director James Huang is from New York City and has been living in LA since 2000 where he has been working as a filmmaker and actor appearing in over 50 film and TV shows including hits like Castle, Lost, both NCIS's and recurring roles on General Hospital and Rizzoli & Isles.  When he's not being a dad, James is practicing Taekwondo of which he's a 3rd degree black belt or hitting the mic as an amateur karaoke singer.  As a writer and director, James created the indie hit romantic comedy "Starting from Scratch" which is available worldwide as well as the hilarious mockumentary "1st Date."  Both these films are being offered as reward perks!


He's also made several widely recognized short films including the award winning, sexy action film "Fail/Safe" and the viral youtube short "Chinese Hi-Five" which has 14 million views.  James is an avid photographer and cook even though those skills are entirely utilized on his wife and baby boy.  Together with his wife and producing partner, Elizabeth Sandy, they hope to take this project to film festivals and eventual distribution in 2017.


Their first hit indie film Starting from Scratch was a hilarious and heartfelt atypical rom-com about a young couple's divorce as they endure and ultimately learn from an IRS audit.  Rogue Cinema called it: "One of the best rom-coms I've ever seen." ["Starting from Scratch' Trailer & Official Site].   After winning several film festival BEST FILM awards, it landed a distribution deal and premiered in several major cities before being released on every platform world-wide from iTunes to Amazon.